Societal effects

When competing on sustainability issues, we see issues in all three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. In our development actions we work to satisfy all requirements stemming from these dimensions.

The energy efficiency requirements drive us to introduce actively building concepts, structural and material concepts that address this need in both new construction and renovation. We also improve our operations according to these requirements.

Sustainable consumption means that resource efficiency will continue to be a main driver in developing our operations. The outcome for our customers is less embodied energy and ground-, water- and air emissions in our products – and a cleaner and healthier environment.

Societal effects

The three dimensions of sustainability driving development

According to a study by the independent non-profit organization the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), renovating Europe’s buildings has the potential of creating up to 1.1. million jobs and saving 32 % of the EU’s energy consumption.


Buildings Performance Institute Europe: Europe's Buildings under the Microscope