Structural thermal insulation

Structural insulation refers to thermal insulation which functions as the load bearing media in the structure either alone or partially together with other load bearing media. The requirements of structural thermal insulation are, in addition to compressive stress or strength, shear strength and tensile strength.

Rigid thermal insulation slabs, boards and lamellas

Rigid insulation products are stone wool slabs or lamellas. Typical application areas for rigid insulation are flat roofs, floating floors, rendered facades, acoustic ceilings and sandwich panels. The most important mechanical properties for insulation in these applications are:

  • Compressive strength and modulus (EN 826) 
  • Tensile strength and modulus (EN 1607)
  • Shear strength and modulus (EN 12090)
  • Point load (EN 12430)
  • Dynamic stiffness (EN 29052-1)
  • Flexural tensile strength 
  • Pull through strength