Mechanical stability

One of the Basic Works Requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is mechanical resistance and stability (Interpretative document 1). The mechanical performance of building components is determined in accordance with Eurocode 1990: 2002. Eurocode. Basis of structural design.

Mechanical resistance and stability refers to the stability of the whole building. The loads considered in building design include regular loads and imposed loads, wind loads, snow loads and earthquake loads.

For thermal insulation, the requirements for mechanical strength depend upon application. In the CE marking of the products for a particular application, the necessary properties of mechanical strength are tested and included in the CE mark. The requirements for the level of mechanical strength of each property are presented in the national building regulations.


PAROC stone wool has excellent mechanical properties

Stone wool is a highly efficient material due to its unique structure, which provides good resistance to the mechanical effects. Depending on the fibre orientation, we are able to provide different products with different mechanical properties.


PAROC stone wool is durable insulation

Stone wool is an inorganic material which keeps it shape and dimensions in all conditions. Therefore, the durability of the mechanical properties is excellent and the degradation of the load bearing capacity during use is low.