Health and Safety

Comfort and health are related to two Basic Works Requirements of the EU Construction Products regulation CPR, Hygiene, health and the environment, Interpretative document 3, and Safety in use, Interpretative document 4.

In cold and moderate climate zones, people spend about 90 % of their time indoors. Therefore, from the viewpoint of health, the quality of indoor air is even more important than outdoor air. A good indoor climate reduces the number of illnesses and sick building syndrome symptoms, and improves comfort and productivity. A good indoor climate is therefore one of the most important goals of design and construction. Practice has shown, however, that occupants are often unsatisfied and complaints concerning health and comfort are common.

The quality of indoor the climate is affected equally by heating, ventilation and air conditioning, construction engineering, the quality of construction work, building materials as well as the operation and maintenance of the building. Because of these multiple factors, it is important for owners and designers to specify the performance of the building and the construction process in order for the building industry to be able to prove through accepted procedures that buildings meet the agreed performance criteria.

PAROC stone wool fibre is safe

You can use and handle PAROC stone wool products safely without health hazards. To ensure product safety Paroc Group produce only high bio-soluble stone wool fibre which cannot be classified as carcinogenic to humans.
  • The European Certification Board for Mineral Wool products (EUCEB) trademark on our products confirms that PAROC stone wool fibre fulfils the requirements of the Commission Directive. 
  • Paroc has also been awarded the RAL quality mark certifying that our stone wool products do not contain carcinogens, mutagens or substances toxic to reproduction, according to the German technical regulation for dangerous substances TRGS 905.


PAROC stone wool has extremely low emissions

PAROC stone wool products fulfil the most stringent requirement (M1) in the Finnish voluntary system for building material emissions. Our stone wool products are recognised as low emitting products, for which they have been tested since 1995, when the voluntary system was developed by the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate in Finland. Customers recognise PAROC low emitting products by the M1 label.

Certified products can be found on the RTS website:



PAROC stone wool does not contain dangerous substances

PAROC stone wool products comply with the European Chemical Agency REACH and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures) requirements, meaning that they contain none of the substances mentioned in the candidate list, which is a list of substances of very high concern.
The technical dossier in REACH registration contains a chemical safety report about properties and classification. PAROC stone wool fibre is a mineral wool Nota Q fibre and is not evaluated as hazardous or classified as an irritant.

PAROC stone wool products contain no hazardous substances mentioned in the RoHS directive

PAROC stone wool products do not contain hazardous substances mentioned in the RoHS directive (The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). This means that PAROC products can be used also in electrical and electronic equipment.

PAROC stone wool is safe to handle

When handling stone wool with bare hands, the fibres may cause itching and irritation of the skin. However, the fibres are not damaging to the skin in the same way as chemical irritants, and the itching generally passes soon after exposure. This itching is caused by the coarse stone wool fibres, which are scratching the skin surface. We recommend the use of loosely fitting work clothes and gloves during the installation of mineral wool. Dust release should be controlled as much as possible.

We have signed a voluntary agreement to demonstrate product handling on product packages with text and a pictogram that has been agreed between all members of the European Mineral Wool Manufacturers association EURIMA.


Overview of compliance of Paroc stone wool products to environmental, health and safety regulations (pdf)

Safety datasheets can be obtained from Paroc’s Web pages.