PAROC Clad System

Waterproof pipe insulation for multiple applications

In today’s world, insulation systems that are economically sustainable, efficient through time saving installation across a wide range of applications, are in demand.

The new PAROC Clad System effectively insulates pipework and ventilation systems quickly, safely, and sustainably with a special highly durable multiple layer composite film for external applications. It reliably protects PAROC stone wool against moisture, environmental impact, and chemical substances.

As a result of the high temperature resistance of our Pro (industrial) stone wool products which is the base insulation material for the Clad System, it can be used on temperatures up to 680°C. Therefore, it protects against temperature losses on high temperature systems and steam lines for example. 

PAROC Clad in lighting weather

Suitable for a variety of Applications

Food Industry

In order to increase its range of applications, Clad Film underwent specific tests, including testing for safety of use in food industry applications (food contact applications according to EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, EC 2023/2006 as well as the German Food and essential Commodities and Animal Feed Code – or LFGB for short).  The Clad Surface is smooth, easy to clean and, due to its resistance to chemical substances, prevents the growth of bacteria, so it can be used in laboratories and clean rooms. 

Coastal Areas

The PAROC Clad System can also be used in coastal applications, since its resistance to salt air and salt water has been proven, along with successful puncture resistance testing in accordance with DIN EN 14 477 – which means the Clad System offers protection against “bird pecking”.

Weatherproof Protection

The PAROC Clad System offers further application possibilities due to its fully metal-free and non-corroding surface which reduces the weight of a construction and is maintenance friendly. In addition to the system being perfectly suited for all building services, due to its watertight installation it can be used in areas with a danger of flooding. The system can also be used to insulate pipework or ventilation systems which require weather protection in areas where space is limited or tight, which make inflexible metal covering systems difficult to use.

Another major advantage of the Clad Surface is evident when personal protection is of importance. Due to a higher emission ratio (ε 0.65) of the Clad Film, insulation thicknesses can be reduced when compared to insulation in conjunction with metal cladding (low emissivity), resulting in a cost savings.

PAROC provides comprehensive instructions which makes installation of the Clad System really easy.  In addition, specific accessories such as matching tape, Clad Dots (circular prefabricated tape for covering fastenings and cut-outs), along with documentation and test reports are available for download above. 

With the Clad System, PAROC introduces a market leading stone wool external weatherproof insulation system that negates the need for costly, heavy, or metallic cladding systems.

PAROC Clad System is light, easy to install, time-saving, safe and attractive.

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