Code of Conduct

Paroc Group Code of Conduct

Ensuring responsible business practices

The Paroc Code of Conduct guides how all our employees at Paroc work and interact with stakeholders, from extraction of raw materials to delivery of our solutions and services, in all countries we operate in. 

Along with our values, policies and leadership, it helps our people pursue business goals while adhering to stakeholder expectations, international ethical practices, recognised environmental performance and legal compliance. We place similarly high expectations on our suppliers. 

Our Code of Conduct sets out the minimum required conduct in areas, such as transparency, fairness and integrity, legal compliance, the environment and human rights. Our CEO has ultimate executive responsibility for implementation of the Code, which we cascade down through the organisation via line management and specific policies, such as the anti-bribery and corruption policy.

Reporting ethical concerns

Policies and guidelines to promote responsible business are well integrated into our business practices and we have a strong culture that supports ethical conduct. Part of our commitment to taking our responsibilities seriously is the provision of a channel for employees and external stakeholders to report possible concerns quickly and confidentially.

This channel - Fair Play – is hosted by an independent third party, which means anyone is able to report a genuine concern with Paroc’s conduct, anonymously if they choose, knowing that a professional response will respect the rights of all parties.

We believe our Code of Conduct and Fair Play channel are important tools to help us achieve sustainable and profitable business, to safeguard our reputation and to live up to our market-leading role in society.

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