PAROC Hvac AirCoat for Ventilation Ducts

Ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects of a house. To make sure that the ventilation is functioning properly, the ventilation ducts must be insulated from the exchanges of heat. Previously, this was done with mats.

In 2003, we launched AirCoat for ventilation ducts. AirCoat comes in many ready-made dimensions for ducts. Installation is now quicker, saving time, but it also means less waste and losses in material.

Besides good thermal insulation, AirCoat has been tested for EI30 fire classification. Section-shaped insulation products have become a new standard in Finland and their use is emerging in other Northern European markets as well.


Ventilation duct insulated with PAROC AirCoat. Insulation thickness 50 mm when duct is totally covered with the blowing woolKitchen extract insulated with PAROC Hvac AirCoat