OEM Insulation – Our Product in Other Products

PAROC® Stone wool insulation is a component in many other products.

Customer specific needs provide the starting point for discussions about tailor-made insulation solutions. An example from 2008:
The products on the market for fire dampers were rather complicated. The existing product constructions demanded casting and plaster boards. A simpler solution was required. Together with Paroc Technical Insulation, a new damper that meets the new European requirements for preventing the spread of fire for 60 minutes was developed using PAROC Stone wool insulation. The product has a lower weight, is easier to install and is more economical than the previous product.

A firedamper with Paroc Stone wool insulation in it 
The launch was successful and provided the possibility of entering new customer segments. The product has been tested according to CEN standards and will be launched on new European markets.