PAROC All Round Advantages Preformed Insulation Products

PAROC® ALL ROUND ADVANTAGES - easy to choose and install preformed insulation products

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The ongoing evolution of more added value products that save time in decision making and installation was the foundation for us when developing a new communication concept.

PAROC All Round Advantages (ARA) was launched in 2008 at the ISO exhibition in Germany. It is a communication concept that explains unique features of preformed products and solutions based on pipe sections as well as our expertise and business partnership in industrial pipe work.

This makes it easier for designers, contractors and plant and factory owners to choose products.


ARA products are pipe sections and pre-fabricated insulation components which, when combined, build a new type of solution for industrial pipework.

The products included in ARA are PAROC Pro Section, PAROC Pro Lock, PAROC Pro Segment and PAROC Pro Bend – all products with a density of 100 and 140 kg/m3.

ARA is a unique set of solutions based on five advantages:
ease, durability, efficiency, ecology and expertise.

The response seen clearly in both sales and image improvement is that the market appreciates these solutions and the information package supporting ARA.

We have launched more products in the offering and in the next step we are developing our service further and we will create the service package for our customers: tools for how to choose and use the best solutions.