Paroc developed innovative stone wool insulation products to combat the severe Nordic weatherFor many years the unique properties of stone and the demanding Nordic weather conditions have inspired us to develop insulation solutions that improve the quality of life and make the environment safe and comfortable. But how did our story begin?

Production of stone wool insulation starts in 1937 in Sweden. During the first post-war years the importance of well-insulated houses emerges and demand rises dramatically. In the following years, insulation slabs become available, along with a binder that makes the slabs more stable.

Early image of production of stone wool insulation 

In 1952, we begin production of stone wool in Finland. Five years later we introduce our first technical insulation products to meet the growing demand for industrial insulation.

Origin of Paroc stone wool insulation - Pargas Kalkberg Helsinki warehouse and truck in 1957


Our familiar red-and-white-striped packages appear on the Finnish market.

In 1986, the Finnish and Swedish operations join forces under one banner. The same year we launch sandwich panels as a new construction method. During this period, we also establish positions in the Nordic countries. 

Paroc stone wool insulation products 

Our expansion continues with sales companies in the Baltics and Russia in 1993. We start stone wool production in Lithuania in 1997 and establish a sales company in Poland the same year. The next year, we acquire a production plant in Poland. Our first steps include modernising the plant’s stone wool production line.

In 1999, we become an independent company, Paroc Group, and begin work on establishing our new corporate identity. We show growth in Western and Central Europe with value added products.

Climate change begins to affect society and sustainable solutions are more frequently required by authorities.

Map of Paroc international locations 

In the ensuing years, building energy efficiency becomes increasingly important, with more directives coming from the EU further increasing the demand for high-quality insulation.

Investors show interest in the company. Paroc is owned by several private equity investment companies, BA Capital Partners Europe being the main owner from 2003 to 2006. The private equity investment company Arcapita Bank B.S.C. was the main owner from 2006 to 2009.

Today, a number of institutional investors are the main owners of Paroc. The company focuses on growth in Eastern Europe with all its products.

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