Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Mind

Energy efficiency in industry with Paroc stone wool insulation

The insulation and energy efficiency market is undergoing significant change. This gives room for new and disruptive technologies, fresh solutions, new entrants and possibly new business models. Our strengths are our proven solutions, but we are also striving to increase the market value of the whole Paroc Group in an increasingly innovative, highly competitive market.

Sustainability involves the environmental, social and economic aspects of human activities in a global context.

Environmental aspects include efficiency in the use of primary and other resources, pollution, waste, recycling. Social aspects concern the well-being of employees, health and safety, contributions to society at large, corporate citizenship and long-term viability of business. The economic aspects are exemplified by profitability, efficiency, stakeholder added value and ROI.

The cycles of technologies and solutions are shortening and the pressure to innovate grows. At Paroc we work to align our solution development very closely with the user and customer needs that stem from sustainability. Paroc is a responsible company that caters for the needs of the present generation as well as those of future generations. With our insulation solutions, we provide a means of saving energy. Thus the core business of Paroc contributes to sustainability.

We will continue to develop system solutions for the construction of very low-energy buildings, be they renovation or new construction projects. In our production and logistics, we have a long tradition of developing efficiency. In future, these processes will be revamped and steered to use resources even more efficiently and to meet low carbon and low energy demands.

Sustainability in our operations and offering results in: 
    • Better environment 
    • Healthier environment 
    • Improved long-term profitability for Paroc

We have ambitious ongoing development activities to improve our own use of resources as well as research and development activities to come up with new insulation solutions that enable our customers and end users to improve their sustainability as well.
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