Our Sustainability Policy

Paroc promotes environmental, social and financial sustainability in all its operations. We are developing the three dimensions of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – which complement and support each other.

Environmental sustainability is an important driver in our product management. By developing products and providing technical support, we aim to continuously enhance the energy efficiency of the built environment. In our operations we measure and improve the efficiency of resource use. By doing so, we are fighting climate change.

Our social responsibility obliges us to maintain and develop concepts and products that contribute to the safety, health and aesthetics of our customers’ property. We also monitor and develop health and safety in our own operations. Reliability as a partner and employer forms the basis of our daily work: we measure our performance, including customer and employee satisfaction, regularly and take action where needed.

Fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities helps us to secure our economic sustainability. We also understand that developing our overall long-term sustainability is enabled by our profitability. We measure the sustainability of our operations and report our progress openly, using indicators based on international recommendations. By acting responsibly towards all stakeholders, we trust in our ability to attract partners, employees and investors – and can provide sustainable benefits.