Our Sustainability Key Programmes

We want to make Paroc even better known for providing our customers and end users with services and solutions that enhance sustainability. To achieve this, our sustainability programme creates harmonised sustainability development at Paroc that helps us operate in a sustainable and profitable way.

We launched our sustainability programme in June 2011 with the goal to further improve the sustainability of Paroc Group. In its first phase, the programme established policies, organised metrics and began planning a sustainability report based on the Global Reporting Initiative. In parallel with the reporting activities, we identified our existing strengths and inventoried our development portfolios in order to reprioritise them. Using these actions as a basis, we can plan, evaluate and implement more extensive development actions. The programme is being run in phases.

The sustainability programme has the following goals:

  • Establish capability and infrastructure to measure and improve our sustainability performance, a necessary foundation for sustainability development
  • Develop communication, marketing and training on existing strengths (i.e. actions that improve our stakeholders’ knowledge of our existing strengths)
  • Prioritise sustainability values in product and production development plans
  • Introduce new energy-reducing building and structural system concepts
  • Implement an actively maintained portfolio of resource efficiency production and logistics development
  • Ensure the future value of Paroc and improve the long term sustainability of Paroc Group 
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